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January 18, 2024

What We Learned About Climate Risk in 2023

Hear from Jo Paisley and Maxine Nelson of the GARP Risk Institute as they look back on key learnings from the latest season of the Climate Risk Podcast.

As we head into 2024, Jo and Maxine look back at the past year of Climate Risk Podcasts, reviewing key learnings from our guests and discussing ongoing trends in climate risk management.

From academics to ambassadors, CEOs to entrepreneurs, we’ve upheld our promise to showcase a variety of different perspectives on climate risk and sustainability. This episode re-examines the rich knowledge that has been shared on the Climate Risk Podcast over the last 12 months, creating a narrative of climate and nature risk wisdom to guide our listeners through this fast-moving field.

So, today’s episode will explore:

  • What we’ve learnt about the physical risks associated with climate change and nature loss;
  • The key risks that arise in the transition to a net-zero world; and
  • How financial firms are managing these risks.To find out more about the Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR®) Certificate, follow this link:

For more information on climate risk, visit GARP’s Global Sustainability and Climate Risk Resource Center:

If you have any questions, thoughts, or feedback regarding this podcast series, we would love to hear from you at:

Links to featured episodes:

David Schimel and Pooja Khosla - Bridging the Gap between Climate Science and Risk Management

Dr. Erica Thompson - The Power and Pitfalls of Models in Climate Risk Management

Rohan Hamden - Why Extreme Climate Physical Risks Are Closer Than You Might Think

Mike Azlen - The Future of the Carbon Markets Explained for Risk Professionals

Dr. Nicola Ranger - Balancing Mitigation and Adaptation: Insights for the Financial Sector

Simon Zadek - TNFD and Beyond: An Introduction to Nature in Finance

Professor Jo Handelsman - Soil: An Invisible Crisis and Massive Climate Opportunity

Nigel Topping - The COP28 Survival Guide: How it Works and What to Expect

Jane Stevensen - License to Drill: What New Oil & Gas Extraction Means for the Energy Transition

Nicky Dee - From Startup to Sustainability: Innovating For The Climate Emergency

Natalia Dorfman - Powerful Risk Management: Insurance Foundations for High-Integrity Carbon Markets

Carys Taylor - How Film and Television Are Adapting to Climate Change

Chris Howland and Lars Popken - Embedding Climate Within Risk Management: A Practitioner’s Guide

Ron Dembo - Dealing with Uncertainty in Scenario Analysis: Stochastic vs. Deterministic Approaches

Also discussed in this episode:

GARP Whitepaper - Biodiversity Loss: An Introduction for Risk Professionals 


Today’s Speakers

Jo Paisley, President, GARP Risk Institute

Maxine Nelson, Ph.D, Senior Vice President, GARP Risk Institute


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