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February 4, 2021

Physical Climate Risk: How to assess the impact on assets

Hear from Rohan Hamden, CEO and Founder of XDI, as we discuss how to assess and respond to the physical risks from climate change at the asset level.

The physical effects of climate change - rising global sea levels and temperature, to extreme weather events - are creating or exacerbating numerous risks.

Whilst physical risks are generating a significant amount of uncertainty for business and finance, the most direct impact of physical risk is the damage of physical assets and disruption to their use. Understanding and evaluating these risks is clearly very important, but it can become challenging as the scale of the assessment increases to the total assets held by a firm or within a portfolio.

That’s why this episode will be focusing on how the risks to physical assets can be assessed at scale and how to navigate the uncertainty inherent with this type of modelling. We will also discuss how mapping out supply chains, core infrastructure, and their interdependencies, can reveal vulnerabilities, as well as opportunities for collaborative adaptation.

By listening to today’s episode, you will learn about:

  • The impacts of physical risk at the asset level
  • The key inputs and outputs used when conducting a physical risk assessment
  • The secondary impacts of physical risk on supply chains and core infrastructure
  • How physical risk data can be used to facilitate collaborative adaptation efforts


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speaker's bio

Rohan Hamden – Founder and CEO at XDI: Cross Dependency Initiative

Rohan Hamden is the founder and CEO of XDI: Cross Dependency Initiative, an international data and analytics organisation specialising in the modelling and analysis of asset level physical climate risk.

Rohan began his career as a fire fighter before working in the Australia government for nearly 15 years. During that time Rohan held a number of sustainability and climate related roles, culminating in the directorship of the Climate Adaptation Program for South Australia where he designed and led the implementation of the States multi-award-winning climate change adaptation program.

Rohan has advised various state and national governments on their climate adaptation programs in Australia, Canada, USA and the UK, and in 2017 he co-founded XDI with a vision of mainstreaming climate information into infrastructure and financial decision making.


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