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April 4, 2019

Operationalizing AI and Risk

Over the years, GARP and SAS have worked together many times to bring to risk practitioners unique insights on a variety of topics related to financial risk. This time, we are partnering on a brand new podcast, The New Age of Risk Analytics, a sneak preview of which is featured on GARP’s Risk Intelligence podcast.

The deployment of AI has been a hot topic in almost all business sectors in recent years  - and  this is no different for risk professionals. In the financial services industry, especially for regulated activities, how to effectively use AI technologies has been a real question. In December of 2018, GARP and SAS surveyed more than 2,500 risk professionals to see where they stand in their understanding of Artificial Intelligence and their current usages and challenges.  

For our first episode of this podcast, DeLisa M. White, GARP’s Multimedia Content Producer and your host, spoke with John Sjaastad, Senior Director of Global Risk Consulting, SAS, at GARP’s 20th Annual Risk Convention about these survey results, what challenges risk professionals face when it comes to using AI to its full potential, why you can’t stop learning and how AI can help your own career.

Visit to download the report discussed here today.


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