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February 8, 2024

EU Deforestation Directive: Overcoming Challenges in Supply Chain Transparency

Hear from Thomas Vaassen, Co-Founder and CEO of Meridia, to learn how the EU Deforestation Directive is changing the nature of data required across supply chains.

Supply chains are becoming an ever-greater focus for risk professionals. Firms increasingly want to measure the carbon footprint of their suppliers, or better understand their resilience, in the face of increasingly severe weather shocks. We are also seeing legislation driving greater transparency, which hinges on our ability to get accurate data.

Although often taken for granted in the developed world, having good quality data on property rights is not a given in many parts of the world and this, in turn, makes analysis of complex and often remote components of supply chains very challenging.

That’s why today’s episode will focus on:

  • How legislation, such as the European Deforestation regulation, is changing the data landscape for firms;
  • The practical challenges for obtaining good quality property rights data in remote locations; and
  • How the world of data might change over coming years, with advances in technology and data collection.

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Speaker’s Bio

Thomas Vaassen, Co-Founder and CEO of Meridia

Thomas is currently the CEO of Meridia, a data partner that focuses on traceability and transparency, living income, and regenerative agriculture. Prior to this role, they were the Founder and CTO of Meridia, where they provided affordable land documentation to smallholder farmers. Thomas also served as the Program Director of the Investment Ready Program NL, where they helped green ventures prepare for investment and growth. Thomas has a background in managing social and sustainable initiatives, as they were the Managing Director of Impact Hub Amsterdam, and the Chairman of the Board for Impact Hub Association. Additionally, they co-founded Blik-Opener, an organization that offers career coaching and development programs. Thomas also has experience in consulting, as a Founding Partner of Realize!, a consulting company that specializes in organizing for fast growth.


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