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July 16, 2020

Interconnected Risks: COVID-19 and Climate Change

Hear an in-depth discussion of the linkage between climate change and the COVID-19 crisis.

Originally released on the GARP Risk Podcast on June 11, 2020.

Continuing our theme from the last episode of the COVID series, in this special episode of the Climate Risk Podcast Series, host and Co-president of the GARP Risk Institute, Jo Paisley, is again joined by John Scott, Head of Sustainability Risk for the Zurich Insurance Group. Having briefly touched on some of the interconnections that exist between climate change and the ongoing COIVID-19 crisis in the previous episode, John has kindly returned to talk in more depth about this timely subject.


The episode addresses three key questions:

  • Why does climate change make the occurrence of future pandemics more likely?
  • Why would climate change worsen the impacts of a pandemic, whilst making the response harder?
  • Why is this important for risk professionals and what is their role moving forward?


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