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December 9, 2021

Adapting to Tail Risks: Surviving the Cascading Risks from Climate Change

Hear from Prof. Tim Benton, Research Director at Chatham House, as we explore growing concerns over tail risks from climate change.

By their very nature, it can be extremely difficult to capture the truly disastrous potential of the tail risks associated with climate change. Additionally, the growing complexity of human and natural systems means that tail risks will continue to arise in unexpected and novel ways.

In today’s episode, we’ll explore a new perspective on understanding and assessing tail risks, and how we can build resilience to these threats within organizations and at the societal level.

So, today’s episode will explore:

  • Why the risks associated with even 2.0°C warming are greater than you might think
  • How climate risks are transmitted through, and amplified by, our interconnected economy
  • How risk professionals can best prepare for the complex and unpredictable risks of climate change


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Speaker’s Bio

Tim Benton, Research Director, Chatham House and Professor of Population Ecology, University of Leeds

Tim joined Chatham House in 2016, where he now leads the Environment and Society Programme. He also holds active roles as a both a professor and as Dean of Strategic Research Initiatives at the University of Leeds.

His research focuses on global food security, food systems and resilience, and natural resource management. From 2011 to 2016, Tim was the ‘champion’ of the UK’s Global Food Security programme. He has also been a contributing author for the IPCC and has more than 150 published academic papers to his name.


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