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November 1, 2021

Addressing Bias and Fairness in AI Systems

In this episode, we will continue with part three of a four-part series looking at Responsible AI (Listen to part one: Alternative Data in Risk Modeling and part two: Explainable/Interpretable AI).

“Fairness in AI” is getting a lot of attention, especially related to credit decisioning, not only for onboarding but throughout the credit lifecycle. This episode explores the intersection of fairness and trust, demonstrates why defining - much less ensuring - fairness is more difficult than it sounds, and provides strategies organizations can use to enable fair and trustworthy AI.

Learn More: From Crisis to Opportunity: Redefining Risk Management | SAS

Speaker's bio(s)

Preeti Shivpuri, Head of AI Strategy and Governance, Deloitte Canada

Preeti Shivpuri is a leader in data and analytics strategy helping organizations effectively manage data and information assets to generate insights, elevate customer experience, drive growth and operational efficiency, while meeting evolving regulatory demands. She advises clients on execution strategies and sound governance, enabling them to realize benefits aligned to their business goals throughout their data insights journey. She leads Trustworthy AI and Ethics within Deloitte helping organizations to operationalize and scale AI solution responsibly with the right balance of innovation vs controls.

Kimberly Nevala, Strategic Advisor, SAS 

Kimberly Nevala is a Strategic Advisor at SAS. Kimberly provides counsel on the strategic value and real-world realities of emerging advanced analytics and information trends to companies worldwide. Kimberly is currently focused on demystifying the business potential and practical implications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).


Over the years, GARP and SAS have worked together to bring risk practitioners unique insights on a variety of topics related to financial risk and have partnered on this episode of our COVID podcast series.

About SAS

As a leader in analytics, SAS has more than 40 years of experience helping organizations solve their toughest problems. Our unrelenting commitment to innovation enables banks to modernize and sustain a competitive edge. SAS provides an integrated, enterprise-wide risk-management platform for managing risk in an organization, from strategic to reputational, operational, financial or compliance-related risk management. Learn more about how SAS is driving innovation and business value for risk and finance professionals at


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