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Arno Kratky

Arno Kratky

Product Owner Strategic Initiative IBOR Transition, Commerzbank AG

Arno Kratky is a banking veteran who grew up with deutschmarks lire and pesetas using fay machines and Lotus 123. He holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Darmstadt.

In the early 1990s he joined Dresdner Bank which merged with Commerzbank in 2009. During his career he was engaged in many different functions such as trading controlling risk management portfolio management and treasury. He spent five years in London and is now based in the bank’s Frankfurt headquarters. 

Kratky has worked on many different projects for the bank including the introduction of a new liquidity management framework when Basel III emerged and the transfer of the bank’s equity finance business. He was also the program manager for the Strategic Initiative IBOR Transition which came to an end last year with the milestone cessation of the Euro Overnight Index Average a GBP/JPY/CHF London inter-bank offered rate (LIBOR). He will continue to support the organization for ongoing activities most notably the US dollar LIBOR transition expected in mid-2023.

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The Transition to a Post-LIBOR World

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 1:30 PM

  • How banks and financial institutions are managing the transition
  • Pros and cons of different alternative reference rates
  • Technology and infrastructure to support the transition
  • Managing basis risk during the transition period
  • Transition impact on buyers and sellers