How to Land Your First Job in Risk Management

Wednesday, June 8, 2022



Pandemic. Inflation. Disrupted supply chains. As one crisis recedes, another becomes more prominent. It’s an exciting time to be a risk manager! But how can you launch and navigate a financial risk career? In GARP’s new video series, “FRM Quick Takes”, we speak with experienced risk professionals who offer guidance to help early-career and aspiring professionals achieve success in financial risk management.

“Hack” the Recruiting Process

In the first episode, host Will Corcoran speaks with Anna Aster (senior risk recruiter), Lisa Konrad (risk professional and mentor), and Detian Chen (senior risk professional) for their advice on how to go about landing your first job in risk management. Anna suggests getting creative to “hack” the recruiting process. By connecting with people who work at your target companies — both on LinkedIn and the real world — you can hear about job opportunities before they’re publicized and enjoy the implied endorsement of a company insider presenting your resume. Anna has used this method in her own career. 

Display Your Skills Even Without the Experience

Lisa notes you can get hired for a risk management job without experience in the field. But it’s important to prove you have the skills that make a good risk manager. She looks for problem-solving, effective communication skills, and a willingness to learn. Show the hiring manager how you’ve developed and used these skills elsewhere, and you can overcome a lack of direct experience. Lisa also advises candidates consider obtaining a certification like the Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) offered by GARP.

Opening the Door to Risk Management Opportunities

Detian predicts the demand for skilled risk managers will remain strong given the range of potential problems — including financial, geopolitical, and climate-related — we face globally. He encourages risk candidates to develop coding skills since he believes the future of risk management is digitization. Detian calls the FRM “the key that opened the door to risk management opportunities for me.”


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