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William May

William May

Senior Vice President, Global Head of Certifications and Educational Programs, GARP

William May is a senior vice president and the Global Head of Certifications and Educational Programs at GARP where he is responsible for all aspects of the FRM® GARP’s flagship certification program in financial risk management; the ERP® GARP’s industry-leading certification in energy risk; and the SCR GARP’s innovative certificate in sustainability and climate risk. Prior to joining GARP May had over 20 years of market experience including holding senior positions at UBS Bank of America Fitch Ratings and Federated Investors as well as specialty firms like Andrew Kalotay Associates and Law and Economic Consulting Group. He began his career in the research function of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. May holds a bachelor’s in applied mathematics and economics from Stony Brook University; an MBA in information systems and a master’s in economics from Fordham University; a master’s in financial engineering from the NYU Tandon School of Engineering and a master’s in applied statistics from Columbia University’s Teachers College where he is currently pursuing a doctorate in measurement evaluation and statistics.

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The Transition to a Post-LIBOR World

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 1:30 PM

  • How banks and financial institutions are managing the transition
  • Pros and cons of different alternative reference rates
  • Technology and infrastructure to support the transition
  • Managing basis risk during the transition period
  • Transition impact on buyers and sellers