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Dmitrij Senko

Dmitrij Senko

Chief Risk Officer, Member of the Executive Board, Eurex Clearing

Dmitrij Senko is a member of the executive board and chief risk officer of Eurex Clearing AG. He took on this role in 2019 following nine years in previous positions at Eurex Clearing. He was one of the main architects of Eurex Clearing’s risk engine Prisma back in 2011–2012 and he led the risk stream in the Eurex Clearing European market infrastructure regulation authorization project in 2013. Senko has been part of the project team building up the clearing house in Singapore since 2014 and held the role of chief risk officer of Eurex Asia from July 2015 until February 2018. From 2013 he was head of risk analytics and model validation in the Risk department of Eurex Clearing. 

Prior to joining Eurex Clearing Senko worked for Accenture Management Consulting in different roles supporting clients in the banking industry on a range of topics in risk management regulation and technology. He holds an executive master’s in business administration from the London Business School and a doctorate in physical-mathematical science from Belarus State University.

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The Transition to a Post-LIBOR World

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 1:30 PM

  • How banks and financial institutions are managing the transition
  • Pros and cons of different alternative reference rates
  • Technology and infrastructure to support the transition
  • Managing basis risk during the transition period
  • Transition impact on buyers and sellers