LAST REVISED: dec. 1, 2021

The ERP Exams are no longer offered for registration. See our announcement.

Current ERP candidates navigating the certification process have five years from the date they passed their Part II Exam to satisfy work requirements and earn the ERP certification.


When can I submit my work experience?

Once a candidate receives an email notification that they passed the ERP Exam Part II, they will need to submit two years of professional, full-time work experience to the dashboard in their account under “My Programs”. We require at least 4-5 sentences that describe how you manage energy risk in your day-to-day job function. This should include a minimum of 300 words in your job description.

Important: Candidates have five years from the date they passed the ERP Exam Part II to submit their CV/Resume to GARP to verify your professional experience. If a candidate fails to submit their CV/Resume within the 5-year time frame, they will not qualify for certification.

Once my work experience is approved, when can I expect my certificate to be sent?

Certificates are sent out within the first week of every month for all experience submissions approved the month prior. For example, a candidate whose experience is approved on January 15, 2021 would have their certificate sent out in the first week of February 2021.

How should the ERP designation be used?

You can use the designation as follows:

  • ERP
  • Certified ERP
  • Energy Risk Professional - Certified by the Global Association of Risk Professionals
Where can the ERP designation be used?
  • After your name in written correspondence and/or as part of your email signature
  • After your name on business cards, letterheads, and/or name plates
  • As an identifier in resumes, curriculum vitas, biographies, personal statements, and/or published articles
What is the ERP Energy Oversight Committee?

One of the things that sets the ERP Program apart is its oversight and governance. The program is developed by the Energy Oversight Committee (EOC) comprised of leading industry experts and senior energy market practitioners from around the world. The ERP curriculum is reviewed and revised annually by the Energy Oversight Committee, ensuring is remains aligned with current industry practices and the latest market trends.


Is participating in CPD mandatory?

ERPs are required to participate in the program in order to use the designation.

What are the CPD program requirements?

In order to successfully meet the program requirements, you will need to earn 40 credits (approximately 40 hours) every two years.

What is a CPD Cycle?

A CPD cycle spans 24 months starting on January 1st and ending December 31st the following year. For example, a cycle beginning January 1, 2020, will end on December 31, 2021.

When does my CPD cycle begin?

Depending on your certification date, your cycle will begin in the current calendar year or the following January. For example, if you are certified on or before June 30th, your first CPD cycle will start in the current year and you may begin submitting credits immediately. If you are certified after June 30th, your cycle will begin the following January, but you can begin submitting credits immediately. 

What types of activities qualify for credit?

Activities should be educational, relevant to energy or financial risk management, and build on the knowledge and skills you achieved earning your certification. Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Reading an in-depth article, journal, whitepaper or book
  • Attending a conference, forum, seminar, or other live event
  • Attending a professional chapter or society meeting
  • Participating in a live or self-study training course
  • Participating in training offered by employers
  • Viewing a webcast, podcast, or video
  • Attending a lecture or taking a course at an accredited college or university
  • Participating in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
  • Passing relevant risk related exams
  • Publishing, speaking, or teaching on risk related issues
  • Volunteering for GARP as a subject matter expert, item writer or committee member
How do I calculate credits for CPD activities?

Credits should be calculated based on the time spent engaged in learning: One hour qualifies for one credit, a half hour qualifies for 0.5 credits, and fifteen minutes qualifies for 0.25 credits. For example, a webcast lasting 90 minutes should be entered as 1.5 credits.

How do I calculate credits for reading?

Estimate 1.5 minutes per page for non-technical reading and 3 minutes per page for technical reading. For example, 10 pages of technical reading would be estimated at 30 minutes and eligible for 0.5 credits. Readings accessed through the GARP portal will have pre-approved credits.

How do I get my credits approved?

You will need to submit requests for credit approval through the Credit Tracker in your GARP portal. Credits earned by attending our Chapter Meetings are recorded automatically.

Are there fees for participating in CPD?

The credit tracking tool in the GARP portal is open to all FRMs and ERPs, as well as SCR Certificate holders.

Can I earn credits for free?

Yes, there are many ways to earn CPD credits without incurring additional fees. Each month, you will receive an email with numerous complimentary credit offerings in the form of articles, whitepapers, research papers, webcasts, and more. Go to your email preferences in your profile and select the CPD Credit Bulletin to make sure you receive the monthly offerings.

Do I need to earn credits from GARP sponsored activities?

No, you are not limited to the selections that we provide. You may choose any educational activities that align with your career and interests and are accessible to you.

Do I need to submit attendance records for every activity?

No, CPD is based on an honor system. However, you are expected to record activities and keep attendance records as we do conduct random annual audits. In the event you are selected for audit, you will be provided adequate time to provide verification of your activities.

How do I access my CPD record?

To access your CPD record, log on to your GARP portal using your username and password.

What happens when I complete 40 credits?

After completing 40 credits, you will be granted access to a printable certificate that acknowledges your successful completion. Your FRM and/or ERP digital badge will reflect your achievement and your listing in the Directory will be updated.

Who do I contact with questions?

All questions may be directed to

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