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Founded in 2009, Ronse International Education has professional and rigorous teachers, perfect communication activities, and meticulous service system. It is one of the world's leading educational organizations in the field of finance and business. Ronse International Education has never forgotten its original intentions and is diligent. In order to solve the structural contradictions of international talent training, it seeks suitable education reform measures and strategies, and is in line with the goals of the international financial industry. Ronse International Education combined with international authoritative financial elites, provides professional training and learning programs for Chinese financial professionals to help students quickly obtain certification and effectively enhance professional qualities and professional capabilities. The scope of Ronse International Education business covers three aspects: university project classes, internal training of financial institutions and social business training. In the past ten years, Ronse International Education has established close cooperation with more than 20 universities in mainland China and provided financial certificate training services to more than 40,000 students. In the process of precise positioning and pursuit of excellence, Ronse International Education provides students with comprehensive professional, personalized, real-time and systematic financial professional education services.


  1. Ronse International Education has a variety of courses and learning materials, which is convenient for candidates with different abilities and backgrounds to provide various teaching materials.
  2. We provide online courses to help FRM candidates choose flexible learning methods and form teaching resources such as live courses, high-definition online video courses, and online live courses.
  3. We have more than 90 full-time and part-time training lecturer teams and Ronse Education and Research Institute. Part-time lecturer team members work in top foreign investment banks, commercial banks, domestic-funded first-line securities, fund companies, etc. The average teaching time of the lecturer team members is more than 3 years.The lecturer team has an excellent reputation.
  4. Ronse Institute of Education has been engaged in the production and research of FRM course resources for many years.


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