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Riskworx is a boutique Financial and Quantitative Modelling consultancy specializing in Banking and Capital Markets. With over 25 years of experience, we bring a unique fusion of knowledge, skills, and impact to the banking sector.

Our expertise spans a wide range of risk types and balance sheet management concerns, including market, credit, liquidity, and operational risk. We are dedicated to delivering effective solutions that address the complex needs of our clients, helping them navigate evolving regulations and leverage technological advancements to their advantage.

Our training division, the Riskworx Academy is focused on enabling our clients to improve their own services by embedding new skills and capabilities into their organisations and our training courses are presented by practitioners, harnessing our combined experience of more than 120 years as quantitative consultants.



We offer customizable in-house programmes consisting of monthly full day training blocks covering the full FRM syllabus.


Our faculty members are banking industry practitioners and Subject Matter Experts, ensuring that training is relevant, practical, based on best practice and the latest GARP publications.  Where possible, theory is blended with practice and all modules of a quantitative nature combine theory with hands-on exercises.

Our lead Instructor is Dr. Gary Van Vuuren. Gary holds a PhD in Quantitative Risk Management. He has a 30-year track record as a leading Subject Matter Expert, Lecturer and Trainer specialising in Regulatory Models, Model Validation, and Quantitative Analytics. Gary is a pillar of the South African risk management community, and has played key roles in regulatory oversight, risk management, and capital framework development across various financial institutions both domestically and abroad.

We are a not-for-profit organization and the leading globally recognized membership association for risk managers.

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