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Mennta Energy Solutions is the world leader in business training to the energy industry and its service providers. All courses are carefully designed by subject matter experts to meet and exceed today’s highest learning standards. To date over 100,000 professionals have relied on our innovative courses to garner the skills required to compete in today’s dynamic energy industry.



Intro to Sustainability and Climate Risk Management, Markets and Instruments (SCRM)

Virtual instructor-led course

4 sessions. 3 hours per session.

Led by Dr. Carlos Blanco

The course is designed to help professionals understand and manage the potential economic and operational impacts of sustainability and climate risks (SCRs) in their organizations. It is also designed to help candidates of the GARP Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR™) Certificate prepare for the exam.

We will review the way climate risk impacts various economic agents from energy firms, investors and banks to insurance and reinsurance companies, manufacturers and distributors in supply chains. This workshop provides an overview of the “green” finance and trading markets created as a global response to climate change and will cover a wide range of financial products and instruments for financing sustainability and climate projects. We will review different initiative to price carbon, from a market and regulatory perspective.

We will discuss the main recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and see how different energy firms have adopted the framework to report climate risk exposures and guide portfolio management decisions.

The course also explores how to integrate SCR exposures in the Enterprise Risk Management Process, with focus on risk identification, measurement and management. We will also discuss effective design and applications of scenario analysis of climate change risks in the context of energy portfolios.

Case Studies for Energy Firms to illustrate key concepts will be introduced throughout the course.

The course builds on the selected readings by GARP SCR Certificate.

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