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Study for the FRM qualification with Kaplan Financial’s range of flexible FRM courses. Classroom, online or Schweser study materials are available to suit any learning style and budget.

Kaplan Financial is a leading global provider of professional qualifications and business training in the UK and Asia Pacific. We prepare over 35,000 students a year for professional training. In Hong Kong, Kaplan Financial has 17 years of experience in training thousands of candidates towards the FRM exam over 25 exam seasons.


The KAPLAN DIFFERENCE - Most Effective 3-Phase Learning Approach

  • Education Phase: knowledge building and teach concepts
  • Revision Phase: concentrate on exam taking strategies and intensive question practice
  • Mock Exam & Review: performance measure, practice the skills and knowledge required in a timed condition with trainer’s post-mock debrief
    • High satisfaction rate of trainers > 95% (Survey of Kaplan students, 2016-2022). Top trainers to deliver the course – our trainers master all topics and able to guide you from the beginning until exam day
    • 66 hours (Part I) and 75 hours (Part II) of Classroom Instruction on Education and Revision Phase
    • 2-hour mock exam and 2-hour post-mock debrief
    • Quality materials - Powerpoint slides, mindmap, exam-standard practice questions, homework assignments. Education phase comes with free set of SchweserNotes™ and Schweser Mock Exams 1 & 2
  • Free Online Catch-up videos for post-class review from home
  • Resit option for those who fail the exam with 70% of attendance or above. No deposit required.


Mr Kenneth Leung, MSc, LLB (Lond), CFA, FRM, FCCA

  • Over 15 years of FRM Part I and Part II teaching experience
  • Over 20 years of practical experience in banking and finance, with risk management focus
  • Former Chief Risk Officer of an international financial institution
  • Former Head of Market Risk of a commercial bank
  • Specialty: market, credit, operational, liquidity and model risks; financial products; valuation and quantitative analysis


Mr Stephen Wong, MFin (Cambridge), FRM, CAIA, CFA Cert. in ESG Investing

  • Trained over 800 financial industry practitioners and professional exam candidates in aggregate
  • Over 16 years of professional experience in investment and risk management covering both traditional and alternative asset classes
  • Proficient at highlighting important concepts and making complex ideas understandable
  • Proven strategies and techniques for tackling professional exams
  • Master of Finance from the University of Cambridge
  • Passed all FRM, CAIA and CFA Institute’s Certificate in ESG Investing exams on his first attempt


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“The course is well organized and materials are also well presented. Online catch-up video for Education Program is the most useful and appreciated. Kenneth’s lectures are clear and easy to understand.” - Flora Sum


“I knew very little about market risk and operational risk before the course. Kenneth provided very concise and informative lectures which helped my understanding in these areas” - Christina Cho

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