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Fintelligents, is India’s premier coaching institute with a distinct focus on empowering students with financial education and building leaders for tomorrow. Established recently in 2017, Fintelligents is a one-stop training center for prestigious and internationally recognized financial certifications like CFA and FRM. Known for its innovative and practical training techniques Fintelligents aims to guide students by building on core fundamentals and delivering result oriented outcomes.

Our FRM coaching will assist you in making connections between the study material and the actual world of risk management. It is also intended to broaden your knowledge beyond the study material. We provide high-quality learning material that combines real-world situations into the FRM study corpus and is ultimately useable at the practitioner level, as shown in our case studies.

Candidates who enroll in these courses will get access to thorough notes, interactive tests with detailed answers, and support forums where they may have their questions answered directly by the course teacher, among other benefits.


The 20-week study schedule divides each week's readings and chapters into groups of 4-5 chapters or readings. All videos for each reading must be seen in full by the candidates, along with printed summaries that are provided with the videos. Finally, they must complete the quiz for this reading to ensure that they have fully assimilated all topics offered in the videos. There are also review quizzes that applicants may do to get more experience in front of the camera (at the end of the 16-week period).


Our Offering:

  • 150+ hours of lecture which includes crash course of ~25 hours
  • All sessions are recorded live, with easy access on LMS on website
  • Monthly Catchup Call with lead Instructor for preparation guidance
  • Exam oriented question bank with more than 1500 Questions and answers
  • Summary Notes and Summary Videos
  • Online Support for Study Queries
  • Our video content is updated to match the changes made by GARP to the FRM Curriculum.

We are a not-for-profit organization and the leading globally recognized membership association for risk managers.

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