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finRGB focusses on training in Financial Engineering and Risk Management for students and working professionals. It currently offers preparation courses for Part I and Part II of GARP’s FRM Exam, delivered in an online format. Enrolling in these courses provides candidates access to comprehensive notes, interactive quizzes with detailed solutions and support forums to get doubts addressed directly from course instructor. At their core, the courses not only aim to help candidates ace their Part I / Part II exams, but also build long term desk-relevant skills in Financial Risk Management.


finRGB’s online FRM course for Part I or Part 2 II is structured as per a 16-week study plan. While the self-paced online format offers the flexibility to cover the material anytime and anywhere, the weekly structure helps candidates gauge their progress at any stage. The readings have been carefully categorized and sequenced so that they build progressively on top on one another. The study plan sets aside three additional weeks prior to the exam for self-directed assimilation and revision, practice and doubt-clearing.


The courses include access to videos (recorded per ‘Learning Objective’), comprehensive online notes, quizzes (topic-wise, as well as review quizzes) and doubt-clearing support from the instructor. The videos and notes aim to cover learning objectives in a seamless manner and in reasonable detail, allowing candidates to master FRM Exam’s challenging and multi-disciplinary curriculum. Interactive quizzes come along with detailed solutions to help candidates make the most of their preparation efforts.


The 16-week study plan categorizes 4-5 chapters or readings in a single week. Candidates are required to watch all videos for each reading, jot down notes alongside printable summaries given with the videos, and finally, do the quiz for this reading to help them assimilate all concepts introduced in the videos. There are also review quizzes that candidates can attempt for further practice (at the end of the 16-week period).


Course contents for both FRM Exam Part I and FRM Exam Part II are created by Bhuvnesh Khurana, CFA, FRM. Bhuvnesh has over 11 years of experience in top tier global investment banks and risk consulting firms like Credit Suisse, UBS and Murex in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. His experience spans roles of Quantitative Analyst, Quantitative Risk Manager and Financial Engineer. Bhuvnesh holds a Masters and Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay, MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and Masters in Mathematics from National University of Singapore.


Bhuvnesh Khurana, CFA, FRM

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