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Falcon Edufin a premier FRM training centre was set up with only one goal in mind: to ‘make the FRM candidate's exam preparation journey a cakewalk’. You must have heard, " If you can't explain it in a simple way, then you don't understand it well enough." We take our inspiration from this statement. We are here to serve the FRM student community by.

Our Approach: To work with FRM students’ side by side as they go through a well-thought-out process for exam preparation that cuts down on preparation time and complexity.

Our methods of teaching are: Using simple language, relatable examples, and a step-by-step approach to explain complex jargons

Our products: Products like study notes and videos that explain the concept in simple language help a lot with understanding.

  • We researched extensively for almost 4 years on problems faced by FRM candidates in their preparation. Based on this research, we designed our Falcon FRM study notes in a way that was easy to understand and addressed the most common questions FRM candidates had right then and there.
  • Downloadable video classes help with self-paced learning. Videos are recorded in a way that addresses all the commonly known queries then and there.

Our Team: We build a team of experts who continuously work on content to ensure it meets the needs of students who want to succeed on their first exam attempt. Our team worked on unique content like workbooks, mind maps, and Fastrack notes (for revision).

Our learning portal: This is a fully enabled social networking portal for students in which they can interact with their peers and discuss their doubts with faculty via private messaging. Our portal also provides detailed performance statistics for students on CBT-based mock tests.

Our pricing: We keep our pricing very low so that every student can afford the best study content for FRM. Our study packages start from as low as $39(may vary). We want to deliver the highest value for every dollar spent by students.


Downloadable Self-Paced or Live Online Session– FRM Part I:

Features Of Package

  • 100+ Hours of Live session (only in Live online session package)
  • 110+ Hours of Video Lectures
  • Exam-oriented Question Bank (PDF and Online CBT)
  • Falcon FRM Study Notes (PDF)
  • FastTrack Videos and Notes (for Revision)
  • More than 50+ Mock Tests
  • Formula Sheet
  • Accessible on Windows, Android or Mac

Self-Study Package

  • Falcon FRM Study Notes (PDF)
  • Fastrack Revision Notes
  • Exam-oriented Question Bank (PDF and Online CBT)
  • 50+ Mock tests
  • Topic Intro videos
  • Formula sheets

Downloadable Videos Package - FRM Part II

  • 110+ Hours of Video Lectures
  • Exam-oriented Question Bank (PDF and Online CBT)
  • FastTrack Notes (for Revision)
  • 2 Rounds of Mock Tests
  • Formula Sheet
  • Accessible on Windows, Android or Mac

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