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World’s Best Risk Education. Period. offers Study Notes, Practice Question Sets, Video Tutorials, hands-on Learning Spreadsheets, Quizzes and a friendly Forum for support and feedback. Our fast-track supplemental (focus) reviews and high-quality annotated practice questions supplement your learning. We provide all of our study materials in the Study Planner to help you stay organized and on track according to your individual study plan. All of our products are released throughout the year giving you time to pace yourself instead of cramming in the final weeks. Our training videos and focus reviews are also able to be viewed on most smartphones, iPods, Kindle Fire and tablets.

The program is the most effective, affordable preparation aid for the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) exam. Thousands have used this program to pass the toughest financial exam on the planet. Our materials are updated daily during the work week to stay current with the dynamic nature of the risk curriculum. We always use quality questions that will cause you to think about the material, rather than the same simple study guide questions.


Our instructor, David Harper, CFA, FRM, CIPM, has deep experience in all risk disciplines and is a pioneer in online instruction. He has personally built all of the learning spreadsheets and created numerous webinars for his instructional materials. See what others are saying:

“First of all thank you very much for your valuable study material and inputs on FRM exam. Without subscribing to your course it would be nightmare for me to clear exam. Keep up the good work.” – Aaditya

“I'm a current user of Bionic Turtle's Study Planner for the FRM and I must say that it is by far the best FRM prep package out there! I'm impressed to the point where I have recommended several of my friends who are interested in risk management to try it out.” – John

“Thank you David & team! Wouldn't have done it without you! The summaries, videos, excel sheets and PQ are invaluable! I think it is hard/impossible to grasp all the information and content that can be derived from the readings. Your pointing out of (key) issues and easy and straightforward explanations of difficult ideas are great! I can only highly recommend BT!”– Johnny

“David's FRM training regime is really comprehensive,.....well laid out study material coupled with question banks which test candidates on a range of concepts that go well beyond the boundaries of the actual exams” – Roshan

“Passed Part 1. Could not have done this without the wide range of notes/problem sets/videos/daily quizzes. Looking forward to staying with BT for Part 2 in November 2014” - viks

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