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Afi Escuela de Finanzas is a business school part of Analistas Financieros Internacionales (Afi), a consulting firm based in Madrid, Spain. The school, founded in 1994, is specialized in finance and economics and has develop over the years to become one of the reference centres in this area. It offers learning programs whose main distinguishing characteristic is its practical orientation. This feature is guaranteed by the constant influx of knowledge coming from consultants of the group that actively participate in the school by means of its courses and master programs. Afi Escuela has offices in Madrid, Spain and Mexico City, Mexico where since 2017 it has been committed to innovative and quality training programs using a methodology that incorporates the latest technologies.


The format of the preparatory course is face-to-face and consists of 192 hours (96 hours each module respectively).  The sessions take place on the Afi Escuela campus of Finance, Calle Marqués de Villamejor, 5 28006 Madrid.

We offer the possibility of attending the distance course, through webex connection. This system allows you to easily visualize and participate in the class in real time, without needing displacement.


Afi Escuela de Finanzas offers an exclusively preparatory course for the tests needed to become Financial Risk Manager. Its program of contents is closely designed to prepare the tests, and is structured in two modules, one for each of the parts of the test.

The program lasts for 234 hours and covers a whole year, divided by two optional modules, according to the exams dates, in November and May.

After each part of the course, there will be revision exams and reviewing sessions, in order to consolidate the acquired concepts.

Regarding the methodology, it is a course taking place in the Afi Escuela de Finanzas facilities with in-site classes given by prestigious professionals of risk in several leading institutions. Nonetheless, there will be also the possibility of attending the classes on-line, thanks to the innovative system Webex that enables the students to participate in the class through their computers.

The material will be based on the handbook published by GARP and on the complementary documentation provided by them.

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