2011 Risk Manager of the Year: Aaron Brown

Aaron BrownThe Global Association of Risk Professionals presented its 2011 Risk Manager of the Year Award today to Aaron Brown, Head of Risk Management for AQR Capital Management at the Association's 13th Annual Risk Management Convention & Exhibition at the New York Marriott Marquis in New York City.
In his 32-year Wall Street career, he has been a trader, portfolio manager, finance professor, head of mortgage securities, and risk manager for institutions, including Citigroup and Morgan Stanley.  He was one of the original developers of Value-at-Risk as one of its strongest proponents. Mr. Brown is also the author of Red-Blooded Risk, The Poker Face of Wall Street (rated as one of the ten best books in 2006 by BusinessWeek), and A World of Chance with Reuven and Gabrielle Brenner, and was named Financial Educator of the Year by the readers of Wilmott Magazine.  He is a frequent contributor to professional literature and speaks frequently at professional and academic conferences. Mr. Brown holds degrees in applied mathematics from Harvard and in finance and statistics from the University of Chicago.


Aaron Brown Discusses the State of Risk Management

RiskManagerOfTheYear_AaronBrown_Video In this exclusive video, GARP's 2011 Risk Manager of the Year, Aaron Brown, Head of Risk Management, AQR Capital, shares his insights on the current state of the profession.

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