FRM Exam Topic Areas
The FRM Exam is designed by the FRM Committee, a group of distinguished risk professionals and academics with diverse professional backgrounds. A wide range of industries including (but not limited to) banking, consulting, traditional asset management and hedge funds, technology, and nonfinancial corporations is regularly surveyed through a formal job task analysis process to determine the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to function effectively as a financial risk manager in the global marketplace.
The FRM Exam Part I and Part II cover a spectrum of topics in financial risk management.


FRM Exam Part I

FRM_TopicAreas_Part1 The FRM Part I curriculum covers the tools used to assess financial risk: quantitative analysis, fundamental risk management concepts, financial markets and products, and valuation and risk models.

FRM Exam Part II

FRM_TopicAreas_Part2 The FRM Exam Part II focuses on the application of the tools acquired in Part I through a deeper dive into market, credit, operational and integrated risk management, investment management as well as current market issues.
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2015 FRM Candidate Guide
The FRM Candidate Guide provides prospective and current FRM Exam candidates with a comprehensive overview of everything they need to know before, during, and after sitting for the FRM Exam.


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