Calculator Policies
Only the following types of business calculators are authorized for use on the FRM Exam. There will be no exceptions to this policy. Should a candidate use a non-authorized calculator at any time during the exam, a violation report will be written and your answer sheets will not be graded. GARP strictly enforces all policies with regard to the calculator usage during the FRM Exam and candidates are required to abide by GARP's policy.


Texas Instruments BA II Plus (both versions), including the BA II Plus Professional
           BAII Plus Pro
Hewlett Packard 10B II,10B II+,20B
FRMExam_Calculators_HP10bII.jpg HP10B II PlusFRMExam_Calculators_HP20b.jpg
Hewlett Packard 12C (including the HP 12C Platinum and the Anniversary Edition):
FRMExam_Calculators_HP12c.jpgFRMExam_Calculators_HP12cPlatinum.jpg       12c-anniv2
*GARP has no financial or other interest in the companies producing the authorized calculators, nor does GARP earn any direct or indirect fee from your purchasing and/or using the calculators.
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