The ERP Exam
The ERP Exam is a rigorous, practice-oriented exam that tests the skills and knowledge needed for risk management in the energy sector. Learn about the requirements, format and content of the Exam -- as well as what to expect on Exam day and beyond.


About the ERP Exam

ERP_ExamOverview_Image1 The ERP Exam is a challenging test covering the major risks in both the physical and financial energy markets.

Exam Administration

A comprehensive overview of everything related to sitting for the ERP Exam, from choosing an Exam site through the day of the Exam, and afterwards.

Program Requirements

Understand the ERP Program process, from entry to certification.


Exam Pass Lists

These individuals have succeeded in passing the ERP Exam. However, they have not necessarily completed the certification process to become a Certified ERP. To verify whether or not a candidate has been certified as an ERP, please contact us at


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2015 ERP Candidate Guide
The ERP Candidate Guide provides a comprehensive overview of everything a candidate needs to know before, during, and after sitting for the ERP Exam.


ERP Spotlight
Learn about the ERP from those who manage the program and who have earned the certification.
Continuing Professional Education
Our CPE program offers Certified FRMs and ERPs the support and opportunity to continue their professional development.
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