Career Opportunities
Certified ERPs have a competitive advantage that provides them the opportunity to accelerate their careers across many facets of the energy space.


Opportunities Across Backgrounds

Current professionals in the energy space leverage the ERP certification to broaden their knowledge of the complex energy value chain, to sharpen their ability to effectively identify, analyze and manage risk, and to remain abreast of emerging trends across the energy space, particularly in markets or topics where they have less direct professional experience. For younger energy professionals near the start of their careers, becoming a Certified ERP is an excellent way to stand out among their peers while demonstrating a commitment to the energy industry.
Career changers, such as those individuals previously working in non-risk or non-energy roles, become Certified ERPs in order to gain access to specialized, practical knowledge in the rapidly growing global energy space. Undertaking the rigorous course of study to become a Certified ERP signals an unmistakable level of commitment to the energy sector.
Students with an interest in a career in energy may elect to sit for the ERP Exam during or immediately after completing their studies in order to complement their prior coursework or to develop a base of specialized knowledge that was not available in their university curriculum. Students recognize the benefit of signaling to prospective employers their dedication to learning about the energy marketplace through engagement in the ERP Program.

GARP Career Center

To view a selection of some current job opportunities, visit the GARP Career Center. Employers on the GARP Career Center include investment banks, commercial banks, asset management firms, hedge funds, insurance companies, consulting firms, and government agencies. Certified ERP job seekers are clearly identified in the resume database.
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2015 ERP Candidate Guide
The ERP Candidate Guide provides a comprehensive overview of everything a candidate needs to know before, during, and after sitting for the ERP Exam.


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Learn about the ERP from those who manage the program and who have earned the certification.
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Our CPE program offers Certified FRMs and ERPs the support and opportunity to continue their professional development.
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