Top 15 Risk Management Stories of 2012

The following 15 articles were the most-viewed content on GARP's Risk News & Resources in 2012. They appear in order of popularity.


Serious lapses in operational risk control have been at the heart of the major trading scandals of the past two decades, from the Kidder fiasco through the UBS meltdown. key


In the wake of a massive trading loss, JPMorgan's risk policy committee came under scrutiny -- and raised industry-wide concerns about oversight. key


The corporate pressure-cooker can take a heavy personal toll on anyone in the senior ranks, but it hits risk managers especially hard. key


While many economists point to signs of a more stable global economy, a small cadre of doomsayers warn that the worst of the financial crisis is still to come.


Minos Zombanakis, born 86 years ago on a Greek island, remembers well the birth of the interest rate benchmark at the heart of a global rigging scandal.


Bank of America is the stock of the moment for high-frequency trading, the supercomputer-driven buying and selling that today accounts for as much as two-thirds of U.S. trading.


In March, all but four of 19 major U.S. banks passed the Fed's so-called stress tests and got a green light to boost their dividends. The exceptions? Ally Financial, SunTrust, MetLife and Citibank.


UBS plans to eliminate 10,000 staffers by the end of 2015. Three quarters of the cuts are expected to come from outside its native Switzerland, with London and New York expected to bear the brunt.


While other eurozone countries have battled fears that their economies are buckling under the pressure of too much debt, Germany has benefited from its reputation as a safe haven for investments.


Jamie Dimon, America's most celebrated banker, heaped criticism on regulators and politicians during a high-profile visit to the nation's capital.


Technical analysts like Tom DeMark are enjoying a post-financial-crisis boomlet, but traditional investors and quantitative fund managers can barely hide their contempt.


The demise of MF Global cast yet another spotlight on the role of risk managers at financial firms under stress.key


Banks are spending billions to meet new OTC derivatives market requirements -- and ultimately to be ready for new business opportunities.key


Royal Bank of Scotland appointed investment bank Lazard to handle the sale of large chunks of its global banking and markets operations as part of a radical overhaul.


Chief risk officers have found a home in the C-suite. Are they stuck there? key

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